Jet washing

Using a high pressure water jet-washing machine is usually the best way to clean stone and brick surfaces without damaging them. Great for removing moss and other growth and also taking off accumulated layers of dirt and stains that can't really be removed with a wire brush or other tools.

Patios and stone areas

Pressure washing works like magic on patio stones and paved or flagged areas and leaves the stone looking like new. It is slow and back-breaking job if done properly, but that is what we are here for!

If the stones and concrete pointing are very old and crumbled, the water pressure may dislodge some of the joints, but we can mix up some mortar and replace them like new afterwards and then they won't come out if you have to pressure wash again next season.

Here is a video we took of one of our specialist operators using a Karcher Jet Washer at a client's house.

Cleaning brickwork and tiles

Bricks come up beautifully when pressure-washed and we have also recently done a job where a client wanted us to clean a vertical tiled area. We did it very gently as we were concerned about the tiles being damaged but it was all fine and got a great result that the client was delighted with.

Tile section before cleaning

Tiles before jet washing

Same tiles after jet washing with the Karcher Pressure Washer

Tiles after pressure washing

Before and after jet-washing a section of brick flooring

Brick floor after pressure washing

Before and after jet-washing a section of patio tiles

Patio tiles after pressure washing

Other uses for jet washing machines

A pressure wash machine can also be very effective on wood panels, fencing, sheds etc. but needs to be done carefully using the right attachments or it can damage the surfaces.

They are also very effective on aluminium and plastic double-glazed window surrounds.